Icons of Guyana

Date of Issue: 23 Feb 1970   Topic: Icons of Guyana 
Description: Prime Minister Forbes Burnham & Map
SC #106


Date of Issue: 27 Apr 1978   Topic: Icons of Guyana 
Description: Prime Minister L.F.S. Burnham & Parliament Buildings, Georgetown
SC #274a


Date of Issue: 13 Dec 1986   Topic: Icons of Guyana 
Description: President Burnham Commemoration
SC #1505-8


Date of Issue: 10 Mar 1993   Topic: Icons of Guyana
Description: Politicians: Hugh Desmond Hoyte, President of Guyana
SC#:  2679d


Date of Issue: 17 Dec 1993   Topic: Icons of Guyana
Description: The Rebirth of Democracy 1st Anniversary
Singles 1 x $6.40
SC#:  3232-33


Date of Issue: 6 Oct 1997   Topic: Icons of Guyana
Description: President Cheddi Jagan’s 1st Election to Parliament, 50th Anniversary
Singles 1 x $6 and 1 x $30

guy 3232-33

Date of Issue: 10 Nov 1997   Topic: Icons of Guyana
Description: U.S. President Clinton’s visit to the Caribbean, May 1997
SC# 3237-38


Date of Issue: 17 Feb 2005   Topic: Icons of Guyana 
Description: Eddie Grant, Guyanese Musician
SC #3899 – 3902guy-3899-3902

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