About Us

The purpose of the Guyana Philatelic Society (GPS)  is to:

  • Create greater interest and activity in the study of British Guiana and Guyana stamps and postal history.
  • Provide up to date information on Guyana Stamps.
  • Assist collectors to build bigger and better collections by providing greater opportunities to obtain philatelic material.
  • Educate the youth of Guyana on stamp collecting

The Guyana Philatelic Society is a source of information for British Guiana & Guyana collectors where they can connect via our exhibitions, group meetings and by using our social media internet sites being developed.  With these tools, we will be facilitating a collectors exchange or the buying and selling of stamps by our members.  This includes all philatelic materials, envelopes, collections, books etc.  We will also offer philatelic advice from our experts and conduct appraisals of single stamps or collections of stamps from Guyana.

If you collect stamps then you should be a member of a stamp club! Stamp clubs provide their members with the opportunity to meet with like-minded people and to share information about their hobby. They are also a great source of stamps for your collection.  The members of the Guyana Philatelic Society are people from all walks life who collect new issues from Guyana to those who have only very limited stamp budgets.  But above all, our stamp club offers the friendship, knowledge and experience of our members who are here to help you with advice on all aspects of collecting including:

  • Identifying stamps
  • Where to get stamps
  • Storing and housing your collection
  • Ideas on new collecting areas
  • An opportunity to obtain stamps through exchange
  • Stamp fairs and exhibitions
  • Newsletters

Join the Guyana Philatelic Society (GPS) today!

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